Prestige Prestige is a user score on HICH that reflects the quality and impact of your contributions to the community.

Prestige increases, or decreases, depending on how you interact with HICH, and the higher your Prestige, the more privileges you'll have within the community.

Every user's Prestige score is displayed publicly on their profile page.

How do I earn Prestige?

The best way to earn Prestige is to contribute to the community in ways that other users enjoy and appreciate.

Quick tips to gain Prestige:
  • Complete your account
  • Create posts and comments that receive 'likes' and coins from fellow Hichers
  • Correctly report inappropriate or invalid content, or the accounts of 'bad' users
  • Complete daily tasks.

How do I lose Prestige?

Contributing to HICH in a way that is not appreciated by the community - or not contributing to the community at all - can result in the loss of Prestige.

How to lose Prestige:
  • Having posts or comments deleted
  • Your account being correctly reported
  • Your comments or content receiving 'dislikes'
  • You incorrectly reporting content
  • Failing captchas


What is prestige?

Prestige is your reputation on HICH.

Why am I earning fewer sparks now?

As sparks are not used any more to level up, we adjusted the number of sparks to even the play field for Leaderboard contenders.

What happened to my level?

Your level was converted into prestige.

Why I can't be a moderator anymore?

From now one moderator status will be connected to prestige. You will be able to apply for a moderator position if you reach a certain level of prestige. Remember if your prestige drops over a certain level you may lose your moderator status.

What is my withdrawal limit?

We removed the withdrawal limit.

What is my daily earning limit?

We removed the daily earning limit.

What happened to the leaderboard?

From July 2023 Leaderboard will be accessible only for users with a certain level of prestige.

I'm not earning coins from some votes?

To earn coins from votes, posts must have coins available. The more post creators spend on creating or boosting posts, the more coins will be available to voters. Highly graded posts will also receive coins to distribute amongst voters.

Why is my prestige down / up?

Prestige can be earned and lost. Good behavior will be awarded with prestige. In some cases when you violate HICH rules your prestige will be reduced.

I'am a promoter, my prestige is low, can i still make withdrawals?

Yes. Promoter bonus will unlock the withdrawal option for your account regardless of your prestige.