Referral system

What we do?

HICH is polling platform, where users pay to ask questions and get paid by answering. We also have fun activities like quizzes, trivia, predictions etc. Users can collect coins and level up by completing activities.

How it works

HICH referral system is based on 3 principles:

  • Promoter status
  • Country tiers
  • Account completion

What is promoter status?

The Higher the promoter status, the more you will get paid. Your earning will be multiplied by your promoter status

Check the bonus section on HICH App to learn more.

Remember you need to claim promoter status to receive multiple. So check the app frequently.

What are country tiers?

Different countries will pay different amounts per users invited.

What is a completed account?

You will be paid when the user has completed their account, which is to vote on 25 posts and fully register to HICH app.

It only takes a few minutes to fully register and complete your account.

How much can I earn?

Your earnings will be dependent on your promoter status and country tier. Country tiers

We only pay for new, unique users.

How do I get paid?

Using HICH app you can withdraw your earnings automatically. Funds will be transferred by your preferred method. eg. PayPal or Bitcoins

If you contact HICH then we can arrange different methods of payment.

You can check your earnings any time in the HICH app sharing center.

How to start?

Install HICH on iOS or Android and generate a sharing link. You can simply share any post, quiz etc. When a new user joins HICH from the link you have shared, you will get credit for the invite.

Referring a friend:

Every user you refer will get FREE 1,000 HICH currency coins, and can be used to create posts, access premium quizzes and more.

Referral link example: Best result you will get by sharing a specific post, for example: Croatian quiz on HICH


Feel free to use any provided resources for referral purposes.

Country tiers
Press kit
Promotional videos